Fun Things to Eat this Summer!!

Fun Things to Eat this Summer!!


Summer is almost here!! Of course, summer weather starts in Houston WAY before actual summer starts! Warm weather brings on a whole different palette of foods that you crave as compared to the winter time. Here are a few things to either cook or go out and indulge in this summer!


Gazpacho – Cold Soup. Maybe doesn’t sound appetizing to all, but I can’t resist! My favorite is Watermelon Gazpacho. This recipe is tried and true – best part – you’re basically just dumping ingredients in a blender!!


Rita’s Water Ice – A chain started in the suburbs of Philadelphia, water ice is a staple in the Northeast. Fortunately for us, we can eat it all year round!! Rita’s has so many flavors of water ice (think a slushie mixed with a snowcone) as well as custard options, like Blendini’s (custard blended with your favorite water ice) and Gelati (ice topped with custard) My mouth is watering just thinking about all the different options!!

Grilled skewers of vegetatbles and various meat

Grilling – Grilling during the summer tends to be a fun thing for men to do, even promoting male bonding over the grill. Grab a beer, some steaks or hot dogs and VOILA! Dinner is ready and your house remains cool!


Beer – What’s better than a cold beer on a hot day? Lighter beers, like Shandy’s, Radler’s or Corona’s, can be especially tasty during the warmer months. Karbach has the Blood Orange, Lemon & Ginger, and Cherry Limeade Radler. St Arnold’s has the Summer Pils. 8th Wonder has the BO$$ BEER Pineapple Wheat. Get out to one of our amazing local breweries and enjoy one of these delish seasonal beers!

ice cream

Ice Cream – What screams summer more than ice cream!? Load up on some Blue Bell in your freezer!! Make plans to meet up with friends at a local creamery – Fat Cat in the Heights, Menchie’s around town, or follow the Dough Cone around town!!

Enjoy all these tasty summer treats!!