Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Houston winters aren’t too cold or too long, however as spring is fast approaching it’s a great time to start thinking about what projects you’d like to tackle around your home! I’ve included a few suggestions that are good to do in the springtime. These projects are great whether you’re planning to sell in the near future or staying for the long haul!

  • Examine your shingles – Rain and wind oftentimes can lift loose shingles off. We’ve certainly had a lot of rain this winter and a few windy days as well. Get that ladder out and check out how well your roof fared.damaged-roof-shingles
  • Check your rain gutters – As leaves fall off the trees during the fall season, they can tend to block up gutters. With the amount of rain days we’ve received this winter – and with our springs traditionally bringing more rain – you’ll want to make sure your gutters are emptied out to not prevent further issues!rain gutter
  • Survey your chimney – For those of us Houstonians who actually have chimneys, once the weather warms tends to be a good time to check and make sure everything is in working order!chimney
  • Plant, Plant, Plant – Now is the time to pick out those colorful flowers, add grass seed and spruce up landscaping! You don’t want to wait until summer when it’s extremely hot and dry out.Hands of farmer growing and nurturing a young plant growing on fertile soil with green and yellow bokeh background
  • Clean or Replace A/C Filters – Houston allergies are extremely common. Once the pollen comes out, we’ll all be sneezing!! Make sure you have a clean or new A/C filter inside to try to combat the ‘Spring Sneezes”.
  • ac-filter
  • Service the A/C Unit – With Houston summers as hot as they are, you’ll want your A/C Unit in tip top shape to tackle our extreme heat. As Houston air conditioners are typically running twice as much throughout the year as most of the rest of the country, you’ll want to service it regularly so it lasts as long as possible!
  • ac-unit
  • Check seals around windows and doors – You don’t want your newly serviced A/C and filters sending all the cool air outside! 

    Strong humidity at a window in wintertime

  • Check lawn equipment – Grass tends to grow slowly over the winter so maybe you’ve only been breaking out the lawn mower once a month. As spring hits, you’ll likely need your lawn cut every two weeks – or less! Make sure you’ve got gas for the mower, that the edger is working properly, your battery powered blower is charged – you’ll be all set!!
  • Lawn-Equipment
  • Clean Outside Surfaces- As the weather breaks, you’ll want to spend more time outside! Grab the pressure washer to clean off patios, fences, driveways to ensure your outdoor space is entertaining ready!!
  • -Pressure-Washer-Review

Good luck on your spring time projects and enjoy some warmer, sunnier weather!!