January To-Do's - Part Two


January To-Do’s

We’re almost two weeks into the year already!! Feeling like 2019 is flying by? It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life – cleaning, work, plans with friends, etc. January is a good time to reset yourself for the upcoming year. We’ve already discussed some good Decluttering Ideas, Starting a Healthy Kick, Catching Up on Your Checklist and Getting Your Calendar Out. Maybe now is a time to dive a little deeper into what you want to accomplish for 2019!!

Community Service

community service

Extra time is not always easy to come by. However, blocking off time to do some good around your community will not only help others, but will also give you all the warm and fuzzies inside! There are lots of ways you can donate your time! Whether it’s a scheduled, consistent day every week or month, or something you do whenever you have time, anything will be greatly appreciated!

Here are some ideas that may strike your fancy- whether it’s a once a week or once a month thing!

  • Delivering Meals on Wheels
  • Tutoring children through a local elementary school
  • Dog walking at CAPS
  • Fostering dogs through BARC or a local rescue group
  • Docent at a local museum
  • Have a relaxed, friendly dog at home? Consider getting them certified as a pet therapy dog

Inconsistent schedule?

  • Packing up meals at the Houston Food Bank
  • Clean out your closet with things you’re not using and donate to Goodwill
  • Run a 5K! Most races support a worthy cause!
  • Transport for a local dog rescue group

Don’t have as much time to give? Find a charity whose cause you support and donate financially!

Goal Setting


Been thinking about going back to school? Learning a new language? A raise at work? Finishing a triathlon? Buying a house? Whether your goal is personal or professional, educational or athletic, most big accomplishments don’t just happen. You’ve got to identify what is it you want and map out a plan to get there.

  • Setting a realistic timeline. Is it realistic to say you can go from couch potato to IronMan in two months? Probably not. Pace yourself! Start by doing smaller things, such as using the Couch to 5K app to get you comfortable with running or planning to swim for 30 minutes twice a week for a month. Sign up for shorter races now to get you ready for the longer races later. You’ll be kicking butt in no time!
  • Create a checklist of what to do. Buying a house entails many things: getting approved for a loan, deciding on a neighborhood, figuring out your price range. Oftentimes you need to decide on certain things before you can move onto the next. Creating a checklist will help you keep track of what you need to do and what order you should do them in!
  • Hold yourself accountable!! It’s easy to dream about the next big thing, not so easy to make it happen. Tell people your plans; the more people who know you want to go back to school and ask you about it may help keep you on track to applying. Narrow down the list of where you want to go? Reward yourself with a small treat. Holding yourself accountable to your goal will greatly increase your chances of making it happen!
  • Ask advice on how to accomplish your goal. Been coveting a new position at work or wanting a raise? Chat with your manager on how to make that happen. They should be able to clearly outline steps to take to make these professional goals transpire and will likely admire your proactiveness!

Financial Planning


Interested in having more money? Who isn’t! There are lots of ways to plan for your future financially. Whether it’s making more money by advancing your career, saving more from what you’re making now or having your existing money grow for you, there’s lots of ways to go about it.

  • 401K – Many companies offer a 401K program where they match your contributions. Looking for a new gig? If you find two similar positions paying about the same, consider the 401K program. Is one company matching 1:1? Look at it as an investment in your future!
  • College Funds – Having a couple of kids? Start their college funds today!! Research the programs before plunking down your money. Some only apply to four-year universities, other can be applied to other post high school options, like culinary or cosmetology school. Either way, starting to save today will help provide more options for your kiddos tomorrow!
  • Hire a financial planner. They will take a look at your portfolio and offer suggestions on where to grow your assets.
  • Invest in property! Buying land or a house is generally a great way to invest in your future. Most properties will continue to increase in value the longer you own. However, make sure to research where you’re buying. In a flood plain? Need extra insurance in that area? Deal on the house seem too good to be true? Evaluate if it’s the right option for you before signing on the dotted line.
  • Rainy Day Fund – Having extra savings that you could live off of, if you should lose your job, if you become injured and can’t work or if you must care for a loved one, is a good idea. Many people feel comfortable having 6-12 months of savings to be able to live off it, just in case!


Best of luck making 2019 the best year ever!!