January To-Do's!!

January To-Do’s!!

The holidays are over, presents are unwrapped and decorations put away. What to do next? I’m sure you have a TON of things you’ve been putting off while you were busy celebrating with friends and family. Here are some good ideas of things to focus on during the month of January.




Adding extra holiday décor around your house can definitely add a festive vibe and get you in the mood for the holidays. However now that those decorations are packed away till next Christmas, no time like the present to de-clutter!

Go through your clothes closet. Haven’t worn that outfit in a few years? Donate!!

Too many towels crowding your linen closet? Take your worn towels and sheets to a local animal shelter. Heights rescue K-9 Angels Rescue can always use the extras!

Kids receive too many toys from Santa?! Order cute bins and pack some toys away in their closet for when they’ve gotten bored of everything in a few months. It’ll be like Christmas all over again- except without all the wrapping and bills to pay!!

Clean out the pantry. Still have a few ingredients lingering from the Holiday Season of 2015? Toss those items now so you don’t accidentally use in a great new recipe!


Start That Health Kick


A New Year brings new resolutions. Most people include getting healthier, eating better or working out on their list. Even if you’re doing well in this category, there’s always a few things to re-energize or try for the first time!

Call your doctors. Can’t remember the last time you had a physical or a teeth cleaning? Schedule those appointments now! Staying on top of those yearly visits can help prevent health issues from cropping up!

Try that new recipe you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest! If you’re like me, you’ve indulged in WAY too many sweets and carbs over the past month or so. Now is a good time to choose a few new recipes – or even some tried and true ones – break out the kitchen equipment and start cooking! Bonus points if the new recipes you try include some fruits, veggies and lean meats!

Join that gym! Start a Class Pass membership! Challenge your friends to walk a mile everyday with you this month! Sign up for a 5K! However, you like to sweat, January is a good month to dive back into that sport or workout routine that was abandoned during the holidays. It’s always a good time to try something new as well! Make sure to check out different options that may be waiving membership fees as a new year’s promotion!!

Catch-up on the To-Do List

thank you

Holidays bring along a lot of extra tasks that help make sure your Christmas is the merriest. However, they also add things to do afterwards as well!

Try all your clothing items on!! Don’t let that sweater or cute dress linger in the back of your closet till next year. Take some time to try any clothing or jewelry items received as gifts on now that you have some more time. If it doesn’t fit or it’s just not your style, return it!!

Speaking of returns, don’t forget those! Many of us dread standing in the lines post Christmas. With the post-holiday rush over, now is the time to hit up the return line and find something you need or want. Nothing in mind? Get store credit. It’ll feel nice to have $$ to your favorite store to purchase a new swimsuit or electronic item later in the year.

Thank you notes! Appreciate the sweet-smelling candle from your aunt? Loving your kids’ new outfit from Grandma? Bestie surprise you with a gorgeous scarf? Thank them!! In this digital age of text and email, a handwritten thank you is often appreciated. Sloppy handwriting? Download the Ink Cards app. They have adorable designs you can add a picture to – best thing is they already include a message if you’re stumped on what to say!


Get Your Calendar Out

January Calendar

Now is the time to figure out a plan for this current year. Not to say you need to fill up every day with an event or activity, but it’s good to get an idea of when things are happening so you can make sure you’re prepared!

Mark the Important Dates Now! Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Baby Showers, Graduations are special moments you don’t want to miss! Make sure these A list events are given priority in your calendar by blocking them off now!

Need a vacation? Who doesn’t! Vacations take time -and money – to plan, especially if you’re including grandparents, siblings or friends in the trip. Chat with your travel buddies now to see what times of year work for them. Planning around work deadlines, school vacations and other life events can be tricky so best to plan ahead now. Have a flexible schedule? Research the best times to travel to your desired location. Sometimes you can swing good deals if you’re willing to go during off seasons!

Know the “Schools Closed” dates. Schools often close on more holidays than the average workplace, so good to mark these dates now so you can factor these into your vacation days at work or recruit Grandma and Grandpa to watch the kiddos during these times.

Plan Some Me Time! Feeling rundown from colds, rainy weather or too many parties? Schedule a day to do something just for you! Whether it’s booking an overnight stay with your spouse, hitting up the movies with friends or planning a solo day at the spa, you DESERVE it!!


I hope you and your family have the very best, happiest, healthiest 2019 possible!!