Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activities


The weather is looking rather grey these days!! Rainy weather can be quite depressing as well as make you feel exhausted. I often can’t think of fun things to do on rainy days so I decided to compile a list of ideas you can try out on these grey days!!


IPIC Theater – Want all the comforts of home but with the luxury of a theater? Check out a movie at the IPIC Theater!


MFAH – Feeling out of touch with the arts and culture? Wander around the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and admire some amazing works of art!


Finn Hall – Wanna go out to eat with a group but can’t decide on a specific type of food? Visit Finn Hall Downtown to a bevy of delicious options!


Children’s Museum – Looking for ways to get your toddler exercise indoors? Check out the Tot Spot in the Children’s Museum – so many fun things for kiddos under 3 to explore! Visit the rest of the museum with your older children!


Downtown Aquarium – Children and Adults alike will enjoy the Downtown Aquarium!! Stay for lunch after your visit!!


Lucky Strike – Want to hang with friends, drink some beers and get a bit of exercise? Gather a group to bowl at Lucky Strike downtown!


Houston Sports – Grab some tickets to see the Rockets play or even the Astros – they’ll keep the roof closed!!!


i-FLY – Practice sky diving indoors at i-FLY!!


Trampolining – Another great option for adults and kids alike!! Get some exercise at an indoor trampoline park. There are several around Houston!!

However you choose to spend your rainy day I hope it’s fun!